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Dental syringe apparatus and method

A medical syringe contains neoprene O-rings and is constructed such that its nozzle and handle can be sterilized without damaging the O-rings. A hollow aluminum handle provides a first handle opening at the bottom and a second handle opening at the top. An insert is removably inserted through the second handle opening to locate the insert at the top of the aluminum handle. An elongated metal or plastic valve body is removably inserted into the first handle opening to locate a top end of the valve body and two normally closed valves adjacent to the insert, and to locate a bottom end of the valve body at the first handle opening. The bottom end of the valve body is hose-connected to an air and a water pressurized source. Each valve includes a valve seat and a valve O-ring that is spring-biased against the valve seat. Two valve actuators in the insert selectively open the two valves by moving the valve O-rings away from the valve seats. The valve actuators are short curved rods that are guided by the insert so as to move about a virtual center of rotation. An elongated cavity within the insert contains O-rings and releasably mounts one end of an elongated nozzle. Manual removal of the valve body allows the handle body, complete with nozzle, insert, and release ring to be sterilized without compromising the structural integrity of the neoprene O-rings in the valve body. In addition, the nozzle can also be removed from the handle body to facilitate the separate sterilization of the nozzle.


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